Discover Your Attachment Style

The intention behind this attachment style quiz is to provide you with an opportunity to get clear on where you are in your relationship with honoring your heart center.

Approach this quiz with curiosity and a genuine interest in getting honest and vulnerable with yourself.

Attachment Style Quiz

Our attachment patterns fundamentally shape how we show up in relationships - with ourselves, others, and life itself. Where awareness goes, energy flows. By cultivating deeper layers of self-awareness and discernment around your core attachment style, you can make empowered choices about how you desire to show up in this present moment.

The four core attachment styles we'll explore are:

  • Anxious (preoccupied with fears of rejection/abandonment)

  • Avoidant (dismissive of intimacy, highly self-reliant)

  • Secure (able to create intimacy while maintaining autonomy)

  • Disorganized (inconsistent patterns, unresolved trauma)

While we may find resonance with different styles across various areas of life, the overarching goal is to embody the qualities of a secure attachment style more fully. This doesn't mean being perfect, but means approaching yourself and your relationships with openness, authenticity, and self-compassion.

The wonderful news is that our attachment patterns aren't fixed - we can absolutely develop a more secure way of relating, regardless of our early childhood experiences. It simply takes curiosity, courage and commitment.

Some or all (A, B, C, D) responses may apply to you, pick the one that aligns the most.

Add up and write down your totals for each A’s, B’s, C’s, D's to see what the universe is beginning to reveal...

To calculate your predominant attachment style, simply count how many of your responses fell into each category:

A = Anxious

B = Avoidant

C = Secure

D = Disorganized

Reflection Question:

Now that you have a sense of which attachment style(s) you tend to lead with when it comes to meeting your heart's needs, take a moment to reflect:

  • What are 1-2 key realizations you're walking away with after taking this quiz?

  • Is there a particular pattern or way of relating that you'd like to explore shifting towards a more secure style? If so, what's one compassionate baby step you're willing to take to gently tend to that growth edge?

There's no need to judge yourself or make anything wrong. This is simply an invitation to get curious and honest about where you're at on this journey of learning to show up for your heart center with openness and care.

Remember, the development of a secure attachment style is a lifelong practice of deepening self-awareness, self-compassion, and choosing courage over codependency or avoidance. You're already taking a powerful step by your willingness to explore.

Feel free to journal on the reflection prompts or simply sit with the insights that emerged. The path of honoring your heart is a sacred one. Welcome all that arises with tender curiosity.