FREE Weekly Community Meditation

With Life Purpose Coach, Alicia Buivis.

Join our wonderful Inspired Life Community in this ongoing weekly " Decompress" Friday Free 30 Minute Guided Meditation to start your weekend from a place of resetting your nervous system and foster inner peace

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  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Increased self-awareness and emotional regulation

  • Boosted immunity and overall well-being

Meditation has been shown to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality and boost immune function by optimizing the relaxation response. Meditation serves as an anchor for living in integrity and alignment with dharma - the path of truth and one's highest spiritual duty.

Meditation is a core practice in yoga for stilling the fluctuations of the mind to reveal your essential nature of pure consciousness and interconnection with all existence.

What You Will Experience:

  • 30-minute guided meditation every Friday on Zoom

  • Experience the power of community meditation

  • Release the week's stresses through breath-work and self-inquiry

  • Reset your mind, body and nervous system

  • Go into the weekend with intention, clarity and calm presence

  • Inspiration for radical self-care and holistic wellbeing

  • Nourish your mental, emotional and spiritual health

  • Promote healing on all levels through embodied practices

  • Cultivate self-acceptance, compassion and emotional intimacy

  • Access greater patience, resilience and trust in life's unfolding

  • Find grounding, safety and belonging in a sacred circle

  • Awaken your inner wisdom and essence nature

Pause. Presence. Peace. Reclaim Your Power.

  • Release & Replenish: Meditation down regulates your nervous system, you can leave that previous week behind and begin your weekend feeling refreshed, present, and reconnected to your true self.

  • Unwind Your WeekEnd: This somatic resetting allows you to start the weekend from a nurturing space of embodied awareness rather than carrying residual strains into your personal time.

  • Whole Being Renewal: By toning our nervous systems, we become more grounded and present for our loved ones.

About Your Coach

Your compassionate guide Alicia brings a wealth of experience as a 1000+ hour certified trauma-informed yoga teacher with specialty trainings in meditation, Ayurveda, and somatics. She is passionate about helping ambitious seekers embody radical presence and self-acceptance through integrative practices like sound healing, breathwork, conscious movement, energy clearing techniques, somatic work, and meditation.

Under her nurturing guidance, you'll discover the power of mindfulness to regulate the nervous system and awaken emotional intimacy. Alicia is a Reiki Master and mystery school rose code activator. Her offerings are imbued with a reverence for ceremony, ritual, and the sacred cycles of nature. Alicia's studies in indigenous wisdom traditions and attunement to the great mystery amplify her ability to hold a nurturing, ritual space for self-discovery and wholeness.

Alicia has 8 years of experience guiding people through immense transition and trauma. Her trauma-informed methodology paired with Yoga and the sister science of Ayurvedic wisdom provides a proven framework for transformation on your self-healing journey.